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Welcome to the Technology Free Project

In an era dominated by screens, the "Technology Free" project seeks to reconnect young learners with the fundamental elements of a Waldorf-inspired education. Sponsored by Erasmus+ and involving partnerships across Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Turkey, this initiative emphasizes hands-on, creative learning experiences without the interference of digital technology.

Our Vision: Cultivating Holistic Growth

Rooted in the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, our project aims to nurture the whole child—socially, emotionally, spiritually, morally, physically, and mentally—through a tech-minimized environment. We focus on children aged 36 to 72 months, implementing non-technological teaching strategies that foster natural curiosity and developmental growth.

Empowering Educators and Families

The project not only transforms classrooms into sanctuaries of imagination and creativity but also strengthens the professional competencies of educators in applying Waldorf educational principles. Moreover, we engage parents actively in the educational journey, providing them with the tools to extend Waldorf principles into the home, ensuring a supportive and enriched environment for the children.

Collaborative Excellence

Our collaborative effort brings together diverse educational institutions, each contributing unique insights and strengths. Through shared experiences and resources, the project establishes a vibrant community of practice that enriches everyone involved—teachers, parents, and most importantly, the children.


Stay Connected

This page is currently a brief overview of our project. We are working to expand this site with more detailed information and resources. Check back soon for updates and discover how you can contribute to this transformative educational initiative!

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